Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday morning Roundup

So Habs Logic held up last night with a Hurricane-esque 4-0 win against the flaming hot Rangers. Price made a couple good saves and napped the rest of the way. Cole continued to earn his pay by going to the net and picking corners like it's going out of style. And, against all odds, Escott showed up and picked up 2 points. He's now earned 53 cents of the money we've already payed him. I'm glad he did well but I've decided to focus on his missed breakaway instead. TP on the PP finally paid some dividends. 2 goals last night and one from the TP himself. From the point no less! I have to give extra credit to our embryonic defense. Holding the Rangers to 17 shots can only be done with good team defense. Hats off to them. Granpa Gorges is doing a great job and PK seems to be settling down.

Speaking of hats, Taylor Hall got fed up with all this Tyler Seguin talk and popped in 3 for good measure. Anthony Hopking and Ted Nugent's kid torched the Hawks for 5 helpers and the Oil went on to win 9-2.

In other news, the fucking Leafs somehow got out of their funk vs the Caps. 7 different guys scored and caveman Laich was the Caps only answer. Ovy is on a milk carton. 4th straigh night off the score sheet and -3. I say trade him. The Habs will bite the bullet and take that deadbeat. They can have their choice of any Alaskan-Mexican they want.

The dickhead move of the night goes to Flyers coach Peter Laviolette. In the Flyers first visit to the Peg, he sits Ilya Bryzgalov. If you recall, Bryzgalov went public for his hate for the great white north when he said he would never play for a Winnipeg based team. I love these Russian guys who move to Phoenix for a few years and forget where they came from. Winnipeg is Miami next to the frozen hole you came out of! And even after Bobrovski got rattled and the crowd was chanting to see Bryzgalov, Laviolette didn't budge. Asshole.

In other news, the Bruins continued to steamroll everybody, averaging almost goals a game during their 8 game win streak. If it wasn't for Habs logic, I'd be worried. Habs win 14-2.

Bon Dimanche tout le monde. Rest up. Habs have an insane week coming up.


Steve said...

Hey we cant all be positive. PK is a broken stallion, sure he is playing great defence, but where is the one timer on the PP, where is the support when he wants to go end to end. I hope this is just like a RPG and he has to get 100 defense points until his character can bust out.

Anonymous said...

PK less explosive also due to being coached to mature, play less leaky and also when your 1 timer is that good, other teams wise up and block the lane. Broken stallion WTF? I'll take a dozen of those please!