Monday, November 14, 2011

The Morning Bell for Monday November 14, 2011

The PK'ISTS unveil a new segment today. Join us for coffee and Aunt Jamaima loving every morning to the sweet sounds of our morning bell.

Today's honorary ringer: Don's Cherries

Don's Cherries went to Nashville to watch the Habs play hockey for a non playoff game. What more is there to say.

So the ticker says that all who predicted the Leafs eventual crash may be basking in the glory of the I told you so. Toronto has lots its way. Small orgasms are felt throughout the island of Montreal and across Canada.

The Habs come home with an important 4 points and now face the test of 4 games in a week. The Sabres await this evening. We may see Montreal climbing into the top 8 for the first time this season.

The domestic debate this weekend gravitated around the tempur-pedic or not banter.

Your Als and Ti-Cats played a ferocious 1-3-1 in yesterday's Eastern semi-final with Montreal surrendering its title and losing 52-44.

DC made the weekend even more interesting by watching the Cowboys destroy the Bills.

HHOF night tonight. Four greats go in, not you, Pavel Bure.


El Conkistador said...

4 forgot to mention that DC attended the game sporting a lovely PK'ISTS sample T that would have the boys from "How to Make it in America" making it in America (and Quebec bien sur). Also wearing anything remotely French looking in them parts is also worthy of an honourable mention.

moeman said...

No battle of the blades review?

HabsFan4 said...

Yes, the T is upon us. We will be millionaires soon - a downgrade form our status as billionaires.

Kmaxx said...

I'm liking that the structure is coming together. No doubt that as the only affirmative action sovereignist/federalist Habs Blog you will reserve the right to alter and amend this structure as you see fit...

El Conkistador said...

The "structure" must contain a notwithstanding clause allowing me to send my unborn kids to fake Spanish school. If this is vetoed, tonight's negotiations will go down in history as “La nuit des longs Sabres".