Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Morning Bell for Snow Day November 23, 2011

Today's honorary ringer: God Almighty

Montrealers woke up this morning and unsupectedly drew their blinds to a fresh blanket of snow. Suddenly the morning routine we've taken for granted since the spring was drastically altered. Brush off the cars. Make some room in the garage for them. Mostly though it was the look on the 7 month old's face. Ichael gazed out the window and gave me a look that clearly said: "I don't know man the shit looks the same to me. Now where's mom's boob?" Freaking poetry.

The Habs take on the slumping Canes tonight. Star centre Staal is on pace for 38 points. That's what our overpaid guy at centre tallied last year. Staal will bounce back. Gomez is on pace for 26 points.

Some people implicated in the incident are dealing with the fallout of a brawl in the stands on Monday night at the Bell Centre. We understand that some Bruin fans were shouting racist slurs at PK and fans took exception after having issued several warnings. No sense in pounding their faces although I can understand the catharsis brought on by remodeling their jaws. A quick shout to the security guards and it would have been taken care of.

Andrei Markov was cleared to play in a jersey not sponsored by MC Hammer. He's on the trip but won't play which amounts to wasted airfare.

No I won't discuss the victors in yesterday's destruction of Lightning. It would offend our honorary ringer. The boys in Edmonton are still making noise and LA continues to do well despite being an ugly city.

More on today later today for more news today a bit later.



Guillaume Theoret said...

I heard the fight was over some dude grabbing another dude's girlfriend?

HabsFan4 said...

A fan who was right beside them has said that rowdy bruin fans were hurling racist invective at PK and making nasty remarks about Pacioretty. Maybe the girlfriend grab did them in though if that really happened.

DarthAlexander said...

If those clowns did hurt racial comments at PK I am glad they got punched out.

The only thing that bothers me was last year (or the year before) there were two guys in the stands during Halloween wearing black face make up and afro wigs in Habs jerseys. They even showed up on television. Where was the fight against racism there?

Don't mean to be a downer but that pissed me off just as much as hearing about these yahoos from the other night.

Steve said...

Did not get Hammer Joke.

Anonymous said...

cant touch this. cant get this?