Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Habs/Canes Game Preview

A game for the ages in Carolina tonight.

I've been more interested in mute Norwegian documentaries about oil spills off the coast of Tanzania.

And yet play this game the team must and write about it we shall.

The Canes have won 2 in a row but have made an admirable job of being a fairly crappy hockey team. The defence has fallen apart and the loss of Cole may have hurt Eric Staal more this time than when Coly went to Edmonton.

Sophomore Jeff Skinner is putting up a point a game numbers and therefore seems to be the only true player exempt of harsh criticism. Paul Maurice is hanging on to his job by a snail's pubic hair.

You know what there is to know about the Habs. Gill is back tonight so look for a steady penalty kill. Fred St-Denis will be watching from the press box.

This shouldn't be a hard game for Montreal who should have learned from their mistake in Long Island last week. There have been enough bed wetting games this season to live long and mighty in our memory banks. Time to take it to the weaker teams and put them away like the good one's do.


HabsFan4 said...

Things are just lovely right now. Habs Isles 2.0.

Don's Cherries said...

don't feel bad, the Isles are up 3-1 on Philly.