Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Game preview: Habs vs Island Girls

So the Habs face Elton John's favorite team tonight. The Island girls have already beaten us this year and have 3 road wins this season. They are the BJs of the eastern conference. Coincidentaly, the BJ's are Elton's second favorite team.

Campoli is finaly back in the lineup. This is good news but in grand Habs fashion, they will be replacing a kid we all love to watch in Emelin. I'm complaining but I'm not quite sure what choice they had. Diaz has been pretty solid so unfortunately, Emelin is the odd man out. The good news for him is that we are due for a career ending injury so he might get back in there sooner rather than later. Kaberle and his pink cheeks make their home debut. Let's hope he remembers how to play in front of more than 50 people.

Gionta is still out so watch for Weber to play up front. Al Montoya will be between the pipes for NY and Price will be looked upon to save us as usual.

By the way, has anyone noticed our record on home ice? It's shameful. 4-5-6. basically, we win one out of every 4 home games. One quarter. 25%. .250 win percentage. It is full of shame.

So why is this Elton John's favorite team? He wrote a song about them. Listen closely. Sounds like Islanders.

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karimisbetterthanyou said...

One of the band members looks like Perry Pearns.