Friday, December 30, 2011

I can't believe it's over.

The Cunneyworth winning streak is over. It had to end sometime. And what a run it was. Even in South Florida, it's all people could talk about. The Cuban community here is distraught that the streak is over. Many of them thought the Canadiens were chosen by God himself to win it all. How many teams can say that they scored 6 goals in one game. And against the Senators no less! After a long 1 game streak where the Habs looked unbeatable, Cunneyworth was brought back to earth with a very Habs-like meltdown which saw them lose yet another 3rd period lead.

First it was Stamkos who opened the scoring. Then the Habs came roaring back with 3 straight. Everything was looking wonderful. But then, without warning, JT Wyman, or as I like to call him, the beast from the east, scored his first NHL goal late in the 2nd after a 90 minute review. You could hear the collective "gulp" from the faithful who travelled to see them. We all knew it was over. In the 3rd, les Québécois de Tampa Bay did what they do best. They beat the Habs in a very painful manner. First Bergeron on a goal that we saw at the Bell center 15 times 2 years ago, then Vinny. Despite our best efforts on a late power play, nothing could be done. The streak was over.

People were crying in the streets. How could the dream be over? They looked unbeatable. Randy's line juggling was sublime. Larry Carriere was opening and closing the door on the bench like it was going out of style. We were a well oiled machine. It was supposed to be the first game of the rest of the season. Unfortunately, we had a date with the 13th place team in the east. Clearly the Habs could not sustain this effort against such a formidable opponent. The Canadiens did a great job making Guy Boucher look like a genius. The coach that can't seem to get his guys in gear just needed a date with les Glorieux to put things back into perspective.

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Public Domain said...

oh gosh, dont be such a sourpusss - we were digging the glory at hand and dawn of a new era