Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Game review: Habs swallow bitter pill after BJ game

The worst team in the league. The worst, Jerry, the worst. This team had 2 road wins. This team is 1980's Nordiques bad. The worst team in the league got on a plane, came into our building and made us look like AHL wannabes. We shot 20 times in 65 minutes of hockey. Our second goal was a lucky break that was grossly undeserved. One of our 18 skaters looked like he gave a shit. Who was it? A veteran? A gritty role player (do we even have one of those)? Nope. It was a rookie defenseman with less than 20 NHL games under his belt. When Alexei Emelin is the best player on the ice in a game vs the Blue Jacket, we're in deep shit. The kid was an animal. Despite a few brain farts, he was chasing down BJs like it was going out of style. He doesn't just hit them, he puts all his weight behind it. Like he wants to but them through the glass. Imagine that, a hockey player in a Habs uniform that actually wants to hit. In a few years, he might just be the toughest defenseman to play against. That pretty much sums up the good points. Now for the feces.

Every team has bad games, games that should be forgotten 5 minutes after they're over. You just can't have those games twice a week. I was actually in attendance last night. Usually, the warm $10 beer is the biggest rip off of the evening. Yesterday, it seemed like the deal of the century considering what we payed to see that sad spectacle. The Bell Center is now the NHL's easiest building to play in. What? You think just because it's noisy that other clubs are afraid? Teams that usually play in front of 63 friends and family get all jacked up to play here. They feed off the crowd's energy, something our players clearly take for granted, and make the Habs look bad just long enough for the crowd to start getting impatient.

I'll be the first to admit the Montreal faithful can be a little short fused. But last night, we watched our team let the BJs take an early 1-0 lead, chanted Go Habs Go right after when what they deserved was for all of us to leave, and what we got in return was an undeserved point. We all know that the Habs have a way of showing up against the best teams. Is it too much to ask that they at least show up when facing the worst fucking team in the NHL?????

Alright, that's enough. My blood pressure is through the roof and it's not even lunch time yet.


dwgs said...

From your keyboard to Dog's ears.

wv - insigh

DarthAlexander said...

If we actually had a team, they could have used this game to have some fun.

Put Leblanc in the starting line-up as a nice gesture.

Try different scoring techniques for a laugh. Try to do some tic-tac-toe plays. Try to do some stuff to make the fans leap out of their seats.

Toy with the BJs. Let them think they're doing great then come on strong and score 3 in a row and have a cruel laugh at their expense.

Walk out of there with an easy two points since they are the worst team in the NHL.

No, we don't get that at all. Christ, if we can't beat the worst team in the NHL, how the hell can we beat anyone in the playoffs if we actually do make it?