Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The morning Bell for Tuesday December 13th 2011

Today's honorary bell ringer: All those who have had their bell rung.

Sid the Kid seems to have not gotten over his concussion. Although the Pens say his absence is just a precaution, I think they are well aware that his career is compromised. You don't take 10 months off just to play 10 games and take another break. I think it's time to admit that we don't know shit about the human brain and that the more you knock it around, the more probable you are of ending up a vegetable. Who would've thought that when Mario Tremblay came out months ago to say that Crosby's career was in danger, he'd be right.

Light schedule last night with just two pro sports games on the sched. The Seahawks beat the Rams and the Devils held on to beat the Lightning 5-444444444444444444444444 sorry, I fell asleep.

Habs play the Islanders. We all know what that means.

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