Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Morning Bell for the day after we lose to the worst team in the NHL

Today's honorary ringer: Rick Nash

The most under appreciated star in the NHL playing in a coconut since he broke into the league. Every time he's played on a grand stage he's shown how talented he really is. Last night in the shootout, Nash made it look easy against Carey Price.

So yes the Habs only managed the single point at home against the BJ. Kick me in the head with a high heel shoe.

The Flames won a crazy one. The Jets beat the Bruins. The Leafs lost. Our next opponent served notice on the Habs by beating the Avs 6-0. Gulp. The Wild pla...We lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Sit on that for a second.

It's ok because Geoff says he has full confidence. Nothing's wrong.

The Habs had 4 shots in the second period. One of them was a flu shot Hall Gill received on the bench.

Really, what more is there to say? More today on the game and on the BJ.

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Steve said...

Mr. Molson has a huge mortgage, if he tells the truth the bank is going to bust his balls. However the truth is out there and its not pretty.