Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Morning Bell for Tuesday December 13, 2011

Today's unwelcome ringer: The Concussion - ringing our brains and sidelining the best in the business. Sid is out again and Lord knows how long he'll sit this time.

Another quiet night in the NHL with one little game on tap as the Devils found their scoring ways and beat the Lightning 5-4. Tampa is 4 points away from the conference, 6 from the league's basement. Look no further than 101 goals against. As PK'ists, we object to that number.

Some games were played in the NFL which eaves me vastly indifferent although I'm sure DC will salivate all over the news. Football and I are like corn oil and vegetable oil....that's not the saying is it....

The rejuvenated mentally unstable Habs are up against the Islanders tonight for what we expect to be another snooze fest in the garden of Valium. Think Habs-Columbus 2.0.

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DarthAlexander said...

It'd be so nice if we had a blowout tonight. Someone gets a hat-trick, someone else gets a big batch of assists, Carey gets a shutout, etc.

Instead we'll get a 2-1 game probably that we'll be lucky to win.