Friday, December 9, 2011

The Morning Bell for Friday the 13, no? Not the 13th? Oh it just feels that way?

Ring my bell: any human being with a pulse willing to coach or manage the Montreal Canadiens.

3-0 lead? No problem. Is there a team in the NHL that has lost more games after scoring the first goal?

It seems the Sens also enjoyed squandering a three-goal lead. They lost to the Devils. The Habs play these Devils in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon.

Albert Pujols is a bazillionnaire. The city of St-Louis says goodbye. Jaro so sad he hev litel teers in his Jaro eyes.

Habs are the boat: iceberg! Straight ahead!!!


Sleepy said...

Is the next viable francophone coach St. Patrick?

Steve said...

The Karbale era begins now and ends now.