Friday, December 9, 2011

What $17M will buy you these days. (in case you're not satisfied with the Gomez / Markov / Kaberle trifecta

Let's start off by all agreeing that this trade is moronic. I say this knowing that there is always a slight chance Kaberle wakes up from his Pierre Gauthier like nap and regains his form. Usually, it's a team like Pittsburgh who takes a chance on a guy like that. But we're talking about the Habs here. The team that blows 3-0 leads like it's going out of style. So we're basically gonna poopoo on this deal until we are proven wrong. And if we are proven wrong, we will say that we always knew Kaberle had it in him.

But let's focus on what's at hand. $17M is a shit load of money on an NHL salary cap. Most teams put that money to good use. But what exactly does $17M buy you these days? Depends if you have an asshole running your team. Below are some options.

Crosby, Malkin & Dupuis

Chara, Lucic & Krejci

Zetterberg, Datsyuk & Franzen

Ovechkin & Backstrom

Richards, Gaborik & Dubinski

2.61 million Big Mac trios

So there you have it. I defy you to find me 3 players on 1 team that have accomplished less than our 3 stooges (Gomez, Markov, Kaberle) and have a $17M cap hit.

Thank you Geoff Molson for telling the world that you have confidence in the GM who put this roster together.


DarthAlexander said...

I think of all the great players we've had in our long history that were paid very little yet produced like their life depended on it.

Here's 17 million down the drain on a few good for nothing stiffs who don't deserve to even look at our jerseys not to mention wear them!

We're the laughingstock of the NHL.

HeadHunter said...

I would like to say well done and I do mean it but I am a bit distracted by rending my garments, pulling my hair, and gnashing my teeth in the biblical style. Never have so few earned so much for so little....both the common quote, the painful truth, and my very soul weep at that.