Thursday, December 22, 2011

Game Review: Randy Cunneyworth loses to Hawks.

So the Habs did it again last night. They started with a good first period against a way better team. They scored first, which is always (supposed to be) good. They stayed with them. They battled. They hit a post. Then took a little break. Then they put their feet up. Then they got their ass kicked.

What is it about this team and the 3rd period. It's like they think it doesn't count. PK was horrible. He manned up and took a large chunk of the blame on himself but that still doesn't explain how he went from being our best defenseman to what we see today. I don't buy into the theory that he is overplayed. He's young. And have you seen him without a shirt? He's the black Lou Ferigno. I guess maybe the pressure of being #1 may get to him but he has not been able to string together a few good games. Despite this observation, as a PK'ist, I will continue to love him unconditionally. Well, until he fucks up again. Then we trade him.

And now on to the subject of the hour. Am I the only ones who thinks that a french coach would never let this happen? French coaches don't accept losing like english ones. They are the only ones who bring out the best in their players in Montreal. Mr. Cunneyworth, how could you let this happen? I'm sure the conversation between you and your boss went something like this last night....

PG: Randy, what the fuck? I fire Mr. Notepad and you embarrass me like this?

RC: Sorry boss. The problem is that the team, how can I put this, sucks balls. Not nicely groomed human balls, I'm talkin' big sweaty gorilla balls.

PG: How is that my fault? All I do is evaluate talent, make trades and sign players. You're the one telling them what to do. It's all your fault.

RC: Who cares anyways. Geoff already told the planet that I'm out of here at the end of the season and there is no way you're sticking around.

PG: What do you mean? Did Geoff say something? What were his exact words? When did you talk to him? Did he sound mad?

RC: I saw him in the hallway after gym class you vagina. What is this high school? You're a shitty GM. Nobody likes you. Hell, I might even survive longer than you. The media wants a GM who speaks french...but also has a pulse. You're one criteria short.

PG: We had a good run though didn't we?

RC: I haven't won a game yet asshole.

PG: Yeah, but we only lost to Boston by 1 goal! And last night, we were in it till well into the 3rd. That's pretty good if you ask me. Wanan go get some deep dish pizza?

RC: You truly are a complete fuckup.

PG: Peut-être, mais je parle francais.

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karimisbetterthanyou said...

I love the tag on this one. Well don Donny C.