Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Game review: Habs win. Barely. Against the Island Girls.

Let's review the game up until the 3-1 mark. The Habs played well. The crowd was very tense after the 1st Isles goal and instead of imploding, they came back and took what was supposed to be a commanding lead. Let's not focus on the fact that both AK and Darche's goals would've been stopped by Peewee BB goalies.

We were up 3-1 vs a sub-par team. Then we all collectively shat our pants. 3-2: oh boy, let's hope we can stay the course and finish them off. 3-3: Give me the shotgun. It's over.

And then, a finnish jesus, let's call him Petteri, comes off the bench and instantly grants us salvation. On yet another goal that a paraplegic seal would've gloved. And then, the second coming. Hal Gill seems to ice the puck (which would've surely translated into an Islander last second goal) but divine intervention guided the puck into the empty net. Move over Maradonna, the hand of god lives in the Bell Center now. Hopefully that same hand will bitchslap Gomez.

Next up: The Giroux-less Flyers who pounded the Caps 5-1. Habs logic went out the window last night so no predictions for Thursday.

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