Friday, December 16, 2011

Game Review: Habs lose to Flyers

There is both good and bad that can be taken from last night's tough loss to the Flyers. As a pessimist when it comes to this Jacques Martin coached team, let's start with the bad.

First, if you're gonna lose, you want the best players on the other team to beat you. Not Harry Zolnierczik. Who the fuck is that guy and why can he score on Carey Price.

Next is why the hell Mathier Darche played almost 17 minutes. That's unheard of. The Flyers score almost 4 goals a game on average. You're not gonna stop them. We needed a goal all night. At every moment of that game, we needed a goal and Jackie sends out our 4th liner and his minimum wage salary to get it for us. Louis Leblanc ties the game up at 2 in the 2nd and doesn't see the ice in the 3rd?? What kind of coaching is this? A retarded monkey would know to give the kid a regular shift after that. Nice goal kid! Now sit down, shut the fuck up and tell your mom to stop cheering.

9 power plays. 9. 1 goal. 1. Somewhere in there was a 12 minute 5 on 3 that yielded less than my RRSP.

Cammalleri has gotten a free pass the last 2 years because no matter how shitty he is, Gomez is worse and makes even more money. But the clock is running out and the guy who scored 13 in the playoffs alone 2 years ago is a handful of games away from wearing out his welcome.

And now the good news: We didn't get blown out by one of the best teams in the East. Leblanc scored. Cole is a monster. Kaberle is on pace for 100 assists. Desharnais continues to be the best bargain in the league. We get to see the Habs on HBO.

As usual, the negative section is 5 times longer than the positive. Somebody kill me.
How much catch up hockey can a team play without it affecting its psyche. Every time you tie and the other team pushes on with another go-ahead goal it becomes more and more demoralizing.

You have to admire a Philly team playing with as much gusto as the Flyers did last night without their two best players. They didn't miss a beat. But being informed of the loss of their captain for the rest of the season plus playoffs is an enormous hit to take.

It essentially means the 37-year old Pronger may be done for good and that he's played his last game. The entire season now spins on winning it without your leader. New voices will begin to emerge in that locker room.

Voices - you get that coach? You need a voice to get anywhere. Miming your intentions won't work.

The best thing you can hope for is for HBO to have gotten Brière to open up about why he chose Philly over Montreal, then show footage of him crying Barbara Walters style.


DarthAlexander said...

I think Cammy just might be really discouraged. I don't blame him. He had that blow-up last year during practice (as played on 990) and nothing has really changed overall in Martin's "system".

Martin never seems to learn, he keeps churning out the same crap over and over and after a time it has to take some toll on you.

He should still produce but I think a lot of it has to do with just being depressed. I know I'd be playing for a coach who never seems to fucking learn his lesson.

Public Domain said...

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I'd like Lars Eller to grow an identical twin off his shoulder. Then the Montreal Canadiens could have weird twin Scandinavian magic like other teams do. A few wins in a row and a coach firing would be nice too.

And furthermore, Santa, it would be really neat if.. ... .. ooops.. oh fuck I'm on the wrong site - gotta go.