Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Morning Bell for Thursday December 15th 2011

Today's honorary ringer: HBO

Last night, the first installment of 24/7 aired. HBO proved once again why it's the only channel worth watching.

Another quiet night in the NHL. Boston won again and Chicago beat the best team in the NHL. Wait, what? The Wild is the best team in the league??? Bizaro world.

Habs take on the cream cheese tonight. We went from not knowing who to throw in there on defense to not knowing who to scratch. With a team like Philly, I can only hope Emelin is back in there.

I would give up my first born to see the Habs on this show

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DarthAlexander said...

I'd love to see the Habs on this show as well. It'd never happen though with this organization. I bet Martin would come off as even worse!

A Habs/Boston HBO show would be gold.