Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Morning Bell for Christmas Eve 2011

Today's honorary bell ringer: Benoit Pouliot

He scored a RIDICULOUS goal vs the Panthers last night. I couldn't find it on Youtube yet but trust me, go find it online somewhere, it's worth it. It was the perfect little Christmas gift that rubs salt in our wounds.

As honored as I am that you logged on to see what the PK'ists had to say this morning, it's Christmas Eve. Go pretend to enjoy hanging out with your family.

By the way HF4, I'm taking sunday off. It's JC's b-day and I'm invited to his party. Should be off tha hoooook! It's my god given right as a Christian to attend. I expect you to post a jewish bell in my absence.


El Conkistador said...

Please enjoy the Hannukah guelt below guilt free!

HabsFan4 said...


juce said...

Merry Christmas to all!

juce said...

Happy Hannukah to all!