Thursday, December 1, 2011

Morning Bell for Thursday DECEMBER?!!? 1st, 2011

Today's honorary ringer: Brian Burke

- "I've made some terrible trades in my career". - Brian Burke

You have to respect how candid the Leafs GM is. Telling it like it is, not insulting knowledgeable hockey fans with stupid omertà-like silence or ambiguous and restrained speak. Calling a spade a spade because the whole world knows it's a spade. God love you Burkie and the personality you bring to the game. Monsieur Gomez, Monsieur Price,... it gives me hives.

Habs lose to the Ducks last night, go 0-43 on the PP and prompt duck management to fire their coach Randy Carlyle. What does that tell you Pierre Gauthier. What. Nothing? No? Really? Boudreau collects 2 days of welfare and makes it back behind an NHL bench. Now that's socially conscientious stuff.

I would have rather stayed up last night to watch a documentary on mayonnaise.

Boston goes 12-0-1 in November and capped off the month by beating the Leafs. The champs are playing like it now. We are playing like asparagus.

Egypt is waiting for election results. DC is in Cairo counting the ballots. He's taken Jacques Martin with him in the hopes of getting him mummified.


Kmaxx said...

He's still a dick...

Steve said...

double dick squared.

So is Louis for real or needs another year of seasoning

Don's Cherries said...

The Egyptian government wants nothing to do with Jackie. I'm in jail for just mentioning his name.