Saturday, December 10, 2011

Game review Habs vs Lucifers

DC reporting live from NYC. I came to do some holiday shopping with Mrs. Cherries (or so she thought) and I pulled a switcheroo on her this morning when I announced my plan to hop on a train to New Jersey to catch the game. As much as I find this team nauseating at times, it's impossible for me to not attend a road game when I happen to be close by.

Let me start off by saying that we are spoiled rotten at the Bell Center. This is the second time I come to watch the Habs in New Jersey. They have a brand spankin' new arena with nobody in it. 13,000 people in there tops, 3000 of which made the trip from la Belle Province. If that wasn't enough, you can hear a pin drop throughout the game. The Devil worshipers finally woke up after they scored. Jersey fans are numb to the suffocating hockey style that Jacques Lemaire perfected. They may have 3 cups since 1995, but they have no idea what uptempo hockey is. They're practically on autopilot, going through the motions, hoping that the scoreboard reminds them when to cheer. Speaking of the scoreboard, its screen is as big as an iPad.

Kaberle played well although he didn't look so good on the Devil's goal. Most importantly, he kickstarted the powerplay, helping set up both goals. The way things are going, he can play in a Leafs jersey if he continues to keep the powerplay going. I'd call it a great trade but Spacek also got 2 points in his 'Canes debut, so i'll hold off for now.

Price made a clutch save on a Parise penalty shot and held the fort the rest of the time. All in all, good road win. Next up, Islanders at home. Smells like a 7-0 loss.