Monday, December 12, 2011

Kabbalist Trade Allows Habs to... ahem...Part With Horrid Power Play

After a few days of mulling this over, we will agree with our good friend Ted Bird who asks that we reserve judgement. So far, after one game, the PP looked calmer and the coach used PK on the first wave - a move that boggles the mind because it actually makes sense.

Kabbalah for Spacek straight up goes Montreal's way, no doubt.

Both guys have acutely rosy cheeks although Spacek's are far more pudgier and inviting. My vote goes to Spacho Spacho Man.

Spacho Nacho was often injured - Kabbalah was often not in the mood. That's a toss.

Kabbalah can pivot a power play and had 25 points with the extra attacker last year in his "off year". My nod goes to the Kabbalist.

The fact that everybody in the league probably points to Rutherford as a genius again makes Gauthier looks bad, real bad. A one-sided deal doesn't take a genius; it takes a an inept counterpart.

All things considered, if the Habs were to bring the 11% PP up to say 18%, the team would probably make the playoffs. Is the damage done though? Too little too late? Not unless the Habs feel like playing .650 hockey until April. But Kabbalah is associated to weird occurrences. The Markov excuse is over from now on. Why? Because Markov is back from injury and his name is Kaberle. Markov on one leg can't be that far off from a Kaberle with diminished skills.

This week will tell if the Habs PP can build on whatever began in New Jersey. It's good for the team's confidence as they then look to a long road trip. 20% on the PP this week will do just fine. Like it or not, it's on Kabbalah's shoulders.

If Kabbalah doesn't answer the call, one thing's for sure: Madonna's gonna be pissed.


Public Domain said...

can those of us burdened with a little too much new testament in our backgrounds call him Cabaret?


.. oh all right then...

wv: chlat

Anonymous said...

If you trust Bob Cole and DC type logic, our new pp genius is actually the illegitimate son of a ball player from the Stone Age and a former Austin Powers hottie as his name, correctly pronounced, is Cobb-Hurley.

DarthAlexander said...

Let's say by some weird miracle we win the Stanley Cup this year. It'll make two years in a row for this guy. He'd be the Forrest Gump of the NHL.

Supernova said...

Oh had me at 'weird miracle'.

DarthAlexander said...

Thank you Supernova. Your place or mine?