Friday, December 2, 2011

Game Review: Habs Vs Sharks

You know what hurts more than losing to the fucking Mighty Ducks? The crap that happened last night, that's what. I was so close to applying for a patent for Habs Logic when it all came crashing down. Losing like that only hurts when you desperately need the extra point. And we did. Badly. As much as I love Carey, I have to question his decision to poke that rebound further away from him, giving Clowe a golden chance to tie it up. And let's not even mention the shootout where he was definitely not at his best. Instead, let's discuss why Travis fucking Moen was shooting to give us a much needed win. Are AK and TP still on this team? Even Louis would have had a better chance. Why does Jackie insist on giving us reasons to hate him? If we lose after AK and TP miss, nobody says a word. Now we get to wonder why this moron sends Moen. Who cares if he has 8 goals this year. This is not his thing. The last time he was put in this position, he was the 11th shooter. And he missed. And he was never given another opportunity. That is, until Jackie saw something nobody else noticed. Perhaps it was a little twinkle in his eye. And to make this even more painful, we had to watch the ship go down as our beloved PK missed his shot. Decent move but he just couldn't lift the backhand high enough.

Ah well, yet another wasted point. Next up, LA tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps Jackie will treat us by throwing Gill in the powerplay.

The good news? Markov will not play. I'm going on the record now saying that something funky is happening with him. This whole thing where he stayed back in Anaheim smells like rotten duck. As a fake doctor, I'm very concerned.


Steve said...

We are the 99% and JM is the 1% and he says "get off my lawn"

Supernova said...

People in long term relationships rub off on each other: PK now the cooler, calmer,more collected one with Carey more prone to hysteria since mr freeze incident.

HeadHunter said...

I love PK to death and back but putting him on the SO? I won't talk about Moen because my doctor says rage is bad for my heart but outside of some fun dips and such during last year's All-Stars skills orgy, I wouldn't bank on PK for a point either. AK? TP? LLLLLLLeBlanc? Rando in Habs-wear from the stands? All better choices.