Thursday, December 22, 2011

Game Preview: Habs vs Jets

Two teams heading in different directions face off in the Peg tonight. The Habs haven't won since Newt Gingrich was #1 in the polls and the Jets are 6-3-1 in their last 10. They also have a great home record at 11-5-1.

In order to win this game, the Habs have to implement a very sophisticated system only a handful of teams have mastered. It's a old system but never fails. It's called the "score more than one fucking goal system".

I never thought the day would come when I would cringe after we score first. The Habs play like it's overtime right from the beginning of the game. The problem is that someone has to tell them that it's not sudden death in the first period.

Carey will be back in there tonight. I think it's time he steals one, even if the guys in front of him don't deserve it.

PK did a nice mea culpa after the game. Now we need a carpe diem. This bullshit has to stop tonight. We may not be a top tier team, but we're not this shitty either. At least give us something worth watching. I don't wanna see a boring game in which we competed. If we're gonna lose, let's go down in a 6-5 Blaze of Glory.

Oh, and can someone tell me where the hell Brian Gionta is? I know he's hurt, but I thought $5M a year bought a little leadership. Wanna address the coach change? The losing streak? A team meeting perhaps? The free ride is over Gio. Soon you'll be in the back of the bus with Gomez.


DarthAlexander said...

You don't hear much about him or Gomez lately. It's like they've both fallen off the face of the Earth. No one cares about Gomez so that's no surprise, but Gionta? It's like they were never here.

Does anyone really believe we'll win tonight? It would make a nice change but I won't count on it.

Why doesn't Darche come forward and say anything? If he's so damn wonderful, as a French Canadian player he should come forward and speak to the media and the people and explain things and tell them to call down.

Kind of like when the Rocket had to during the Richard riots (although don't get me wrong, I am in no way comparing Darche to him!).

Supernova said...

People will be watching ad mare usque ad mare tonight so can we please drop the language thing a place de dropper la game calisse.