Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Morning Bell for Wednesday December 14, 2011

Today's honorary ringer: Julie Veilleux - a perfect reaction to Pat Hickey's comments about Theoren Fleury.

The Habs squandered another lead in the third period of a hockey game last night but this time managed to rally and take the 2 points thanks to goals by Nokelainen and Gill whose empty netter was earmarked for an icing call. Sigh of relief? Not really because unless you're a rookie, Jacques Martin won't call you out. A certain Emelin will vouch for that.

Both Philly and Boston just can't seem to lose a game anymore.

Most of yesterday's local news focused on the Hickey column. We'll bring you our thoughts on this shortly. Fleury has declined a spot on OTR to discuss this with Hickey and host Michael Landsberg. While it would have made for good tv I tend to agree with Fleury's decision.

In the NBA, it looks like the clippers are trying everything imaginable to land Chris Paul. The deal is being tied up because the Habs insist that Gomez be part of the trade.

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